What is the Curzon Groups success rate?

Curzon executive career services clients are not looking for jobs but are seeking entrepreneurial experiences, such as starting or buying businesses or being offered seats on boards of directors. When we define success, we base it on the following three parameters that we have found are critical to all of our clients, regardless of goals and objectives:

  • desired geographical area of interest
  • desired level of position, and
  • desired income.

How is the Curzon Group different from other HeadHunters?

Our Executive headhunter team is only compensated by the companies for which they seek qualified candidates. Their compensation is matched according to the qualified clients they are able to bring to the company that has retained them and, eventually, to find them the candidate who will appropriately fill the available position.

How will Curzon help my job search process?

We match you based on a unique formula that we have used to seek out our clientele. With our growing database, we are able to match you and the client with just a couple of search terms. Executive search companies receive literally thousands of electronic and paper résumés for one open position. Curzon on the other hand tap candidates that we go after to make a perfect client match. Therefore many qualified candidates are placed and are not victims of résumé filters that may automatically eliminate potential candidates based on certain criteria.

Why should I consider investing in my career?

Your career is your most worthwhile investment. People take their homes, auto, country clubs and vacations seriously, but when it comes to their careers, most people take a haphazard approach. The money and time you invest in your career now will return more to you than all other investments made in your lifetime.